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From helping foundations and government entities implement new, community-led grantmaking initiatives, to helping community nonprofits of all size diversify and grow their revenue - we increase your impact.

About Our Services

Since 2006, Kelley NPC has worked alongside clients to tackle tough obstacles, realize new opportunities, and together build stronger organizations.

It is our passion to strategically shepherd organizations to: prepare for successful expansion; grow and diversify revenue; develop strategic grantmaking programs; navigate complex projects across multiple partners, geographic areas, and external forces; launch new endeavors in response to community inequities; improve operational processes and protocols; and better measure and articulate impact.


What does this actually look like?


  • For small nonprofits it may mean helping them describe what they do and why it matters, or helping them set up their first operating budget or build their board of directors.

  • For philanthropic sector clients, it may mean designing all aspects of a new fund from its strategy to its application materials to the vetting of applicants.

  • For larger nonprofit clients or those with a broad reach, it may mean advocating for and securing legislative funding or designing a new community-informed program, or creating tools to better manage contracts.

  • We also work across multiple clients to create new coalitions and collaborations to leverage federal funding or realize the power of collective impact initiatives.



One of our most sought-after services is our ability to guide funding decisions – either by securing funding for community nonprofits or helping to strategically direct foundation and government grantmaking initiatives. Kelley NPC provides hands-on, high-quality support to make clients’ most ambitious visions attainable.


From helping nonprofits grow, diversify and manage earned and unearned revenue, to launching creative nonprofit partnerships to bringing federal and state resources to Oregon’s rural communities; and from helping larger philanthropic clients implement new strategic funding opportunities, to providing much-needed capacity as smaller family foundations explore a new approach or field; Kelley NPC serves as an amplifier and translator of sorts – helping resource providers and resource seekers align their efforts for the greatest good.


A COBID-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, Kelley NPC works with many culturally specific organizations and upholds values of equity and justice as a non-negotiable part of the organization and its work. The missions of Kelley NPC’s clients are also diverse and range from mental health to the arts, and from workforce development to youth mentoring, and almost everything in between (economic development, environmental, animal welfare, civil liberties, and more).

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For Community Nonprofits

  • Funder research

  • Grant writing

  • Corporate sponsor solicitation

  • Individual and major gifts moves management (cultivate, steward, solicit)

  • Capital campaign planning and execution

  • Funder relationship building and reporting


For Philanthropic Organization & Foundations

  • Creating grant applications

  • Designing scoring structure and weighted matrices

  • Convening grant review panels

  • Creating core copy re: vision, values, focus areas, significance and more

  • Award and reporting data management


  • Board of Directors training and engagement

  • Development of staff training and engagement

  • New program design

  • Succession planning and transitional leadership support

  • Convening and managing coalitions, collaboratives and partnerships


  • Evaluation strategy development

  • Theory of change and logic model development

  • Survey design

  • Metrics and outcomes design

  • Internal performance indicator monitoring


  • Style guide development

  • Annual reports and newsletters

  • Sponsorship request packets

  • Marketing and advertising


  • Cloud-based data management

  • Internal communications streamlining

  • Organization and program policies and protocols

  • Position descriptions, hiring searches, and onboarding


For Philanthropic, Corporate, & Government Partners

  • Design and launch external, community-led grantmaking

  • Design effective allocation across all disaster phases

  • Convene and facilitate collaborative initiatives

  • and much more!


For Community-Based & Local Municipal Organizations

  • Design and manage community-led and -focused programming

  • Advocate for resources and funding

  • Leverage and manage funding and contracts

  • Measure and share impact

  • Convene and facilitate collaborative initiatives.