What We Do

Nonprofits, municipal corporations, and other entities hire us to look at what they are doing, figure out how to do it better, and then secure the money or partnerships to get it done. One day we are leading a board retreat for a major institutional nonprofit with an identity crisis (and looking for a five-year reboot). The next day we are writing a modest grant request to support a new nonprofit in a rural community. 


We think things through, we chart new territory, and we get it done.  ​From seven-figure federal grants to lauching new programming to capital construction, each of our clients has enjoyed unique success working with us. We, in turn, take tremendous joy and pride in our clients' growth and success.

Who We Are

We have spent over a decade developing our expertise in the Pacific Northwest and nationally, and we are proud to be leaders in our field. We are frequently called upon by startup organizations who take advantage of our flexibility and professionalism, and established entities whose expanding programming requires additional support.

Representative Clients

  • Financial Beginnings

  • Lane Arts Council

  • David's Harp

  • Oregon Native American Chamber

  • The Black United Fund of Oregon 

  • Hatch Innovation 

  • H.O.P.E