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Kelley Nonprofit Consulting (Kelley NPC) elevates the impact of nonprofits and public agencies. Kelley NPC works with family and public foundations, community nonprofits, municipal funding programs, statewide and regional nonprofits, and more to help them dream and achieve their big, bold visions. 

For more than seventeen years, Kelley NPC has worked alongside clients to tackle tough obstacles, realize new opportunities, and together build stronger organizations. It is our passion to strategically shepherd organizations to: prepare for successful expansion; grow and diversify their income; build internal fundraising capacity; navigate complex projects among multiple partners, geographic areas, and external forces; launch new endeavors in response to community need; improve operational processes and protocols; and better measure and articulate their impact.

Kelley NPC has developed a deep trust with each client - bolstered by a history of success and exceeding expectations - and our dozens of current, ongoing clients are eager to provide an enthusiastic reference for our work. Current client missions focus on mental health, community and performing arts, substance abuse, health access and equity, the environment, social justice and personal autonomy, disaster relief, workforce development, economic equity, youth mentoring, equitable opportunities for education, and small business and enterprise development.

Kelley NPC works with organizations of varying sizes, ages, and stages of development. 


Kelley NPC is a COBID-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise.


Kristin Monahan, Owner

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Rachael Jans, Operations & Communications Coordinator

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Benjamin Loomis, Account Associate (Contract)

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