"Kristin has mad skills in both program development and fundraising! I have worked with Kristin and her team at Kelley Nonprofit Consulting on a variety of fund development, programmatic and strategic initiatives.  I am always impressed by Kelley NPC’s ability to focus on (and often define) the objective with a keen eye on both efficiency and mission. Kristin is a strategic thinker and writer.  I highly value her keen ability to be concise, goal oriented and mission focused. Kristin and her team have the rare ability to shape strategic, actionable initiatives from big or broad ideas."

Caryl Zenker, former Development Director of POIC + RAHS

“Thank you so much for your support to grow ONAC and the movement for private sector business with Tribal people in Oregon and beyond! With gratitude as always for your continued partnership and friendship.”

James Parker, Executive Director of Oregon Native American Chamber

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“I want you to know how much your work through ROI helped BizHarney not only meet our ROI deliverables, but how you went above and beyond our expectations. I feel like my vision for our county-wide assessment project has come to life with your help! Not to mention all the funding you have coached us on and strategic consulting you’ve offered. I can’t wait for more!”

Brenda Smith, Executive Director of High Desert Partnership

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“First and foremost, Kristin Monahan and her professional team have treated the Burns Paiute Tribe with the upmost respect as a client. Kelly Nonprofit Consulting has set the bar high for future consultants. Thank you, Kelly Nonprofit Consulting – I hope others are so lucky to share your time and knowledge.”

Tracy Kennedy,  Community Economic Development Coordinator of the Burns Paiute Tribe

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“Kelley NPC has been the premier business in providing private, public, and nonprofit support services to our organization. With a large and diverse portfolio serving low-income and multi-cultural communities, our organization has struggled to find a partner who has comprehensive knowledge of all sectors, industries, and a fundamental understanding of diverse cultural practices. Kelley NPC, with amazing people like Kristin Monahan, have the intimate knowledge that we need to catalyze and facilitate the success of our work for community”

Gustavo Morales, Executive Director of EUVALCREE


"I have worked with Kristin for the past two years of my tenure as a member of the Black United Fund board and as board chair for the past year. I cannot overstate the strategic and practical value her involvement has provided to the organization. Her contributions to our fundraising efforts have served to reverse a previous program deficit and reposition the organization within the focus areas of several founders and foundations. She has and remains a key contributor to our ability to carry out our mission."

Michael Alexander, Board Chair of The Black United Fund of Oregon

“Kristin has provided me with regular, one-on-one support since I became the Executive Director…Kelley NPC has helped with a variety of projects, from completely revamping BUF’s marketing materials, to creating new evaluation materials, to supporting a complete update of our grants award process. Their hands-on support has been absolutely invaluable.”

Dr. LM Alaiyo Foster, CEO of the Black United Fund of Oregon

“Communities share that the most valuable aspect of being an ‘ROI Community’ has been their opportunity to work with Kristin, hands down.”

Janet Soto, former Entrepreneurship Strategist with Business Oregon


In working together with partners from northeast Oregon and statewide nonprofits, I have found Kelley NPC to be a trustworthy advocate. In our experience, they provide high-quality services to nonprofits including fund development, grant writing, project planning, report preparation and building organizational capacity. They have gone above and beyond to help us build our internal capacity.”

Lisa Dawson, Executive Director of Northeast Oregon Economic Development District (NEOEDD) in La Grande


"Thank you for your tireless efforts in helping us secure funding! You are such a vital part in how we've been able to continue serving families in the community. We appreciate you beyond words and are so thankful for you being a part of our village." 

Black Parent Initiative

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"Thanks is not enough for the depth and life you bring to our nonprofit. You came to us like a breath of fresh air and all these really great things are finally beginning to fall in place!"

Mary Kautzer, Director of David's Harp

"Thank you all so much for making our lives easier. You truly do!! (That should be your tag line:) With Kristin's help we have been extremely successful in securing funding for projects and general operating support. Kelley Nonprofit Consulting has made a profound difference in our ability to increase our organizational capacity and ultimately better serve our community." 

Liora Sponko, former Executive Director of Lane Arts Council