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Development Manager

A Midwesterner born and raised, following the completion of a degree in Environmental Economics from Ohio State University, Connor headed west in search of topographical nuance and a launch pad for his professional career. Since landing in the Rose City in the fall of 2017, Connor has been dedicated to the local nonprofit scene, through both volunteering and working for Kelley NPC. In addition to helping nonprofits achieve their missions, Connor enjoys rock climbing, biking, and baking a pungent boule of sourdough.


"One of my favorite projects to date has been the David’s Harp Garden Renovation. It was one of the first projects I led, and it was also a medley of my personal interests, including gardening, equitable building, and sustainability. I’m stoked more members of David’s Harp can now access local food and comfortably enjoy the outdoors."



Development Manager

Ben, a lifelong writer, has been working and volunteering in the nonprofit field since graduating with a degree in Sustainable Development from Appalachian State University in 2013. Through Kelley NPC, Ben puts his communications and organizing abilities into action to support the local changemakers with whom we work. When not thinking about nonprofit projects, Ben is usually scribbling drafts of his second self-published novel, exploring Portland’s near-infinite restaurant culture, or more than likely both.

"Working with the St. John’s Center for Opportunity to renovate their neighborhood’s food pantry has been an amazing experience. Strategically planning and implementing community-level systems is a passion of mine, and it has been great to help gather the funding to revitalize an important community asset."